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What About The Wounded? is a detailed examination of the returning soldiers from Iraq, Afghanistan & Post 9/11. The focus here is on their wounds, seen and unseen; Looking at the beginning a LIFE after living a WAR.

"Never Better". A Documentary examining unending illness, insufferable pain and the laughter needed to endure it. Using interviews, multi-media, monologues and music, it uniquely chronicles a rarely told story of sickness that never ends .  It may be hard to comprehend, but terminal illness might not seem quite as bad when one considers a rarely researched realm: that of the "Interminable Illness". 'Never Better' is the theme song.

~Playwright/Author - Radio Drama, Children's Book  -"Sky Monsters, The Terribles" - About the disappearing Twin Towers; Offering comfort through imagery, words & wonder.

"GRIEVING STRANDS", Documentary film/travelling art exhibit. A unique and humorous treatment of the ordeal of hair loss. The need for a sense of humor while battling breast and other forms of cancer whilst watching one's cherished strands of hair depart. As well as this, the film focuses on the trauma of losing one's precious locks due to several other causes. The project will also investigate the historical significance of hair. Interviews with cancer survivors (e.g. Olympic Gold Medallist, Scott Hamilton) are among the real life anecdotes shown.


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