A Musical By Maureen Barnes

Set on an historic Twelve Meter yacht, this tale begins by documenting that fateful day in 1983 when the unthinkable happened: the America's Cup left America.

Years later, on the Isle of Wight, at the Jubilee Event marking the 150th Anniversary of said revered Cup, those old wounds are reawakened.

The Blue Blazer, who is back on the water for the first time since being blinded by a car accident, just wants to "see" the not-to-be-missed gathering of the beautiful wooden boats. Almost everyone on board still maintains their obsession with the loss of the world's Oldest Sports Trophy. The hidden demons and dreams of this diverse group slowly are revealed and it becomes apparent that they all have their own agenda. All the characters share the surprise when the discussion of the sojourn reaches yet another race: wood versus titanium, nuclear weapon versus nuclear energy, the traditional heart versus the high tech head.

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